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Holding Hands

Who We Work With

We work with a number of organizations to provide community, state, and national services and legislation to better the healthcare infrastructure in the United States. Click on the links of our partnering organizations to learn more about them.


The International Medical Graduate Academy, a national IMG coalition


National Association of Assistant/Associate Physicians, our partnering organization for licensed medical graduates


Coalition of physician and patient advocacy organziations

Alliance of Medical Graduates

Partnering organization advocating on behalf of unmatched medical graduates

Inside the Match

Free Website run by medical residents with resources for the Match.

Bridging Care

Partnering organization addressing barriers in healthcare access and SODH in communities

Unmatched MD

Membership website with listings for jobs and open residency positions

MD Coaches

Collaborating orgnization supporting physician wellness and addressing burnout through physician coaching

Physicians for Patient Protection

Partnering organization advocating on protecting patient rights and transparency regarding healthcare clinician training

Holding Hands
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